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As a monitor speaker for recording a sound source, it maintains a complete sound source so that it can listen to ultra-accurate recording information, experience the intricate emotions of the player, subtle pitch changes and subtleties of the timbre, so that you can feel the performance deeply. The rich inner feelings.

More applicable to music or movies or specific types of genres, of course, these speakers only unveiled the veiled sound, restored its essence, it can effortlessly show extraordinary dynamic capabilities and control the intricacies of Rhythmic ability.

The MT265 PRO's linear frequency response curve and coherence provide the most realistic listening experience to true Audiophile enthusiasts or just purely entertaining users. The mid-high unit uses a special full-frequency low-impedance balance unit that features full-band sound The pressure and phase are exactly the same, thus reflecting the high transparency and sound aesthetics without sound; the 25-centi-thick Finnish top plate is used in the box, which is equipped with a high-damping material to improve the ability to suppress vibration and reduce the frequency of the sound box. Do the ultimate soundless, extreme music performance.

 The 165 PRO uses three-pole surrounds combined with front and side drive units to enable direct or indirect projection of surround sound to the listening area. The PRO integrates perfectly with the front three channels to create a more coordinated, more Surrounding sound field, innovative high-frequency drive unit to ensure the consistency of sound waves and completely matched tone.

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