The Mercury System is a 2.2  Channel setup with Mid/High Frequency Satellite Tower and dedicated Dual 10” Subwoofer Enclosure per channel. The Tower features a 48” high two-way audible aluminum belt-high open dipole Mid Range speaker, and an array of 8 AMT array pneumatic ribbon loudspeakers, equipped with Hanowa fully open voice technology, Mainly responsible for audio frequency up to 350Hz to 30KHz voice Ultrawide frequency band width, while the bass part is a double 10 "bass speaker, voice frequency response can deliver down to 20Hz, so designed to achieve a more high-speed response, while also able to promote enough air volume." Mercury system such as this, uses a special three-way sound design which plays the sound from both the  front and back at the same time, giving full play to the screen speakers in the scene can produce air in the free flow of audible hearing, the face of large scenes of music, so that enthusiasts achieve sight for the realm of view.

Mercury system with the mainstream speaker design, its three-dimensional sound performance, so that you can hear and feel the subtle use of silk as a button to describe the changes, with CD-1 and AP-350, can be said to complement each other, in the scene to bring very clean bottom end sound, but in collocation, Almost feel that there is no sound dyeing, it is only neutral and pure methods and rich details of the expression, interpretation of the instrument should be the timbre and texture, high and low ends of the extension of relaxed and natural, and the better is the medium-frequency, thick and warm but without loss of permeability and contour.

System specifications:

Split two-way sounding screen

four-piece three-tone road

design floor speaker system


Mercury System

•  Type: 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker

•  Power Handling:100W~500W

•  Impedance:8 Ohm

•  Frequency response:20Hz~35KHz

•  Sensitivity: 83dB(1W/1M)

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