The key point of this technology lies in the controllable directedness of the MINI line Tweeter array technology. Whether utilized for front stage speakers or the surround sound speakers, it is equipped with four dome tweeters made of neodymium magnet wire membrane material. Four units output different phases to improve the sound's directedness. What is even more unique is the four tweeters are not all emitting the same frequency band, as one is responsible for the band that is higher in frequency, while the other three are responsible for the remaining bands, making the frequency response curve of the high pitched voice flatter. This can reduce the mutual distortion levels, while more than doubling the output power, to meet the loud sound pressure with a wealth of details and levels of performance. Sound characteristics of the C series is full of shock and awe, strong surround and first-class dynamic performance, just like the sensory experience of a professional movie theater. People will shout and clap for more.

Functional characteristics

• Small compact size, Dynamic Sound Stage

• Special on-wall mounting and angled design for multiple Applications

• Omnidirectional sound transmission creating high performance stereo sound field

• Unique Multi Layered Carbon Fiber Mid Bass Driver Cones

• Super bass dynamics, ultra-low vibration interference frequency

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