Opera is a high quality multi-function decoding power amplifier

 - With 3 CH of analog RCA inputs, 1 CH of balanced inputs, and 2 CH each of coaxial and optical fiber inputs.

 - The pre digital decoding output adopts the stable CS3310 as the precise digital volume control function chip, which can be easily adjusted to a comfortable volume.

 - With independent power amplifier input function and high quality power output performance.

 - Built-in high-performance independent power supply MM (Moving magnetic cartridge) amplifier, a RIAA amplifier circuit which consisting of two TI low-noise audiophile amplifiers OP2134; The gain of MM amplification reached 48dB or more, and the corresponding cartridges can be widely selected.

 - Bluetooth version CSR QCC3005 5.0, supports CD level APTX / APTX-LL lossless Bluetooth.

 - USB flash disk playback supports multiple lossless formats: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV.

 - PC USB decoding adopts the new U8 chip of XMOS, which is a very good asynchronous USB audio input chip in the audio field at present. PCM supports 384H and DSD DOP (DSD AUDIO OVER PCM) data stream, which can reach DSD128.

 - Independent headphone power amplifier circuit audio. The headphone amplifier adopts TI TPA6120A2 chip, features with high bandwidth, large dynamic range and low distortion.

 - 24 bit/192KHz DAC adopts high specification ES9038K2M.

 - 12Volt trigger control.

 - Discrete circuit design with high linearity and high current is adopted to form CLASS A/B power amplifier circuit to reduce crossover distortion and ensure excellent linearity and stability. The output circuit of power amplifier adopts CFB (complementary feedback) topology structure to ensure continuous high current output, which contributes to be easily matched with various types of speakers. Power MOSFET adopts ON (ONSEMI) MJL3281A/MJL1302A audiophile mosfet.

 - Specially customized HIFI level high specification power transformer, are featuring low internal resistance and low noise. Four Japan imported ELNA high-speed and low resistance audiophile capacitors have a total capacity of 60000 uF, bringing clean and sufficient energy storage and supply.

 - Powerful digital filtering system, with 7 filters for PCM audio, which can make different sound performances.

 - Multiple protection modes (current overload and high temperature protection).

 - There are 13 different Menu pages, which are very convenient for users to operate.

Product parameters

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  • Analog signal input: AUX x 3 CH, PHONO x 1 CH
  • Digital signal input: USB x 1 CH, U-disk x 1 CH, Coaxial x 2 CH, Optical fiber x 2 CH
  • Analog output: Preout x 1 CH, Headset x 1 CH, Speaker x1 CH
  • Analog frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz (± 0.3dB)
  • Output power: 120W x 2 (8Ohm, THD<1%)
  • S/N of analog signal: ≥ 110dB (A-weighted)
  • THD of analog signal: ≤ 0.003% (1 kHz)
  • Input sensitivity: 720mV
  • Input impedance: 100k Ohm
  • Maximum output current: 9A
  • Music format support: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV
  • USB sampling frequency: 384kHz, DSD128
  • DAC decoding chip: 9038K2M
  • With 3 PCM filters:
  • Protection for overcurrent and overload:
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 APTX:

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