1. HANOWA new launched Performer Series high power subwoofers are specially suitable for fixed installation applications, especially for sound reinforcement at performance sites.

2. PS42, one of the three Subwoofer models of Performer Series, dual 21” speakers design, for use with Performer Series full-range loudspeakers at large dynamic live music performance spot .

3. PS42 is a dual 21” speakers, front ported direct radiating long excursion

subwoofer. On the top of the  enclosure,

equipped with rubber foot cutout holes for loudspeaker stable stacking, to resist enclosure movement during high power music playing.

4. Drivers configured with two 21” high-end customized woofer made with 5” patented high thermal conductivity coating, inside and outside winding type voice coil, tightly pressed cone paper and large magnetic circuit system which is capable of withstanding large dynamic performance.

5. Enclosure is constructed from European high density birch plywood, surface finished in environment friendly black wear-resistant textured paint. Each board of the wooden enclosure is fixed tightly and seamlessly, which can effectively reduce the noise pollution problem caused by the enclosure during speaker playing, definitely benefit to make out a clean and clear sound.

6. Connectors are of high-reliability quality, guarantee high fidelity signal transmission.

Pole or stand mounting 

Performer full-range loudspeakers incorporate pole mounting (“top hat”) sockets so that they may be pole or stand mounted.

When using poles or stands, the following precautions are advised:

▪ Ensure that the stand will support the weight of the speaker by checking the stand manufacturers rating.

▪ Make sure that the stand is placed on a level surface and that its legs are fully extended.

▪ Do not place more than one speaker on each stand.

▪ Run cables so that they do not present a trip hazard which could pull the speaker over.

▪ When used outdoors in the wind, it may be necessary to add some weight to the base of the stand.

▪ When using a pole mount with a sub-bass system, observe similar precautions.


▪ Ensure that the floor or stage is level and solid.

▪ Do not stack speakers too high outdoors where winds could topple the stack.

▪ Be aware that speakers producing very high power levels can move or creep. To avoid this, place friction material between the floor and speaker and between each speaker or use strapping to secure the stack.

Product parameters

UNO XD Produktübersicht


  • Type: Dual 21", front ported passive Subwoofer
  • Frequency Range: 25-500 Hz(-10dB)
  • Frequency Response: 30-500 Hz(±3dB)
  • Power Handling (Rated / Peak): 2000 W /8000 W
  • Maximum SPL: 99 dB
  • Sensitivity (1W / 1M): 135 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Οhms
  • LF Woofer: 2 x 21" 125 mm VC Neo.
  • Coverage Pattern: 360°
  • Product Size (W x D x H): 1492 x 774 x 759 mm
  • Package Size (W x D x H): 1584 x 837 x 930 mm
  • Net Weight: 124.7 kg/pc
  • Gross Weight: 136.65 kg/pc
  • Pin Connectors: Neutrik Speakon NL4
  • Enclosure: High grade Birch Plywood, black wear-resistant textured painting
  • Grille: Metal grille with acoustic cloth

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