165 IW LCR

165 IW LCR

Mirror-symmetry design, point-source spherical soundwave audio transmission concept, in-line unit arrangement and advanced technology of HI-FI audio enable each audience to have a true experience of “listening in the eye.”

This design features pure aluminum alloy metal panel, with the front box adopting 25-centimeter Finland top multi-layer splint, which can prevent the distortion caused by vibration. The high-pitched part adopts two aluminum ribbon tweeters with the frequency allocated in 8KHz-35KHz. There is a great sense of sound and air. The mid-tone uses two full-frequency units made of 3" glass fiber cones with a distribution in 500Hz-8KHz responsive to the most sensitive areas of the human voice expressing the thickness and clarity of vocals. Subwoofers are made of light German carbon fiber sandwich cones. Dividers are made of seven twisted wire inductors and high-quality components.

The flat frequency response curve phase delivers clear, delicate and realistic sound effects.

Functional characteristics

• Straight Impedance curve, easy to drive with low distortion

• Powerful, fast sound transmission

• Mirror symmetrical design, point sound source spherical sound wave audio propagation concept

The system includes:

IW185 (second left), IW265 (second right), IW285 (first right)

SUB12Q65 + AMP (left one)

SUB R212+AMP (see website for details)

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