Exquisite life Style Design, 3 Dimensional Surround


The 5.5" three-way, four-unit, high-performance Haier ribbon tweeter with an upper limit of up to 30 kHz is enclosed in an aluminum reinforced box. It is a full-range unit with an upward elevation angle transmitting the sound accurately to the ceiling, reflecting off overhead the acoustical emersion of sound in space achieving the best degree of linearity, control, reliability, and duration.

SUB 12Q65P + AMP is a side-guided, special lightweight, long-stroke, space-grade, Shallow Mount Subwoofer driver featuring space saving neodymium magnet The space-compensated technology of a dedicated high-output D-class monitor-level power amplification module allows the subwoofer to exert great dynamic control, restoring the extended and rich details of the ultra-low frequency in any environment. It can bring an accurate transmission of sound to every corner of the home, with extraordinary low frequency output, accomplishing a perfect sound experience. 

Functional characteristics

• Full coverage of sound field technology in 3 dimensional audio space.

• Silk buckle, power amplifier HIFI sound requirements.

• Full stereo acoustic wave diffusion technology applied.

• White paint plus aluminum cast plate, creating solid non resonating cabinets

This immersive Home Theater System boasts a variety of state-of-the-art speakers that easily meet the demanding requirements of Dolby's panoramic sound-directivity and sensitivity.

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