High Power Digital Amplifier, low distortion

Stable microchip control, high frequency filter capacitor and SMD manufacturing process. The power supply part adopts a new full-frequency modulation technology, so that the power supply tube supply voltage is always higher than the output voltage to ensure that the power supply has a very high conversion efficiency, plus a unique compensation circuit design and spiral wiring method, effective buffer current impact, Make the low frequency bouncing power and control power increase. Stereo equal power output for high fidelity audio systems.

Digital audio power amplifier, accurate, low distortion and non-stained sound quality, advanced and sophisticated circuit protection design, can ensure short circuit, open circuit, direct current impact, misunderstanding match, machine overheating, high frequency sales number overload and internal component damage, etc. malfunction.


Digital Audio Power Amplifier

Functional characteristics:

• High power, low distortion

• Full frequency modulation technology with fast sound transmission

• Safety protection circuit

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