A Performance Leader with Cutting Edge Technology

Hear detailed voice ranges, rich sounds, and high-definition are combined with higher than high performance, whether in a home theater, karaoke or HI-FI environment!

In-Wall Mark I uses ultra-lightweight carbon fiber sandwich structure, high dynamic output tweeter and advanced crossover technology, which produces a wide range of sound, allowing for a uniform performance. A wealth of detailed information is created with very good audio and video positioning for a sound field surround. The ultimate advantage of In-Wall Mark I's is its sealed back box design balancing all frequencies for the best sound performance, so consumers don’t have to worry about varying installations, spaces or construction materials. This makes great sound quality easily achievable anywhere. 

Functional characteristics

• Special trim-less  design/fixed mounting clip design

• Metal front baffle, sealed back box design, eliminate resonance and back wave interference

• Ultra-lightweight Multi layered Carbon Fiber with high dynamic output tweeter

• High-precision smart audio split system

• Choose any color mask for interior decoration

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