HANOWA Designed to realize the Soundstage playback requirements with superb quality.

HANOWA Designed to realize the Soundstage playback requirements with superb quality.

1, High shielding rate and shock absorption. 

With the more than 95% shielding rate double-layer tinned copper mesh, together with natural silk and cotton are used as shock absorbers, most of the external magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, strong electromagnetic fields around the working environment and radio frequencies can be exported from the grounding terminal in the conductor through the multi-point grounding technology, so as to achieve faithful transmission and establish a path with extremely low electromagnetic interference. A large number of silk and cotton blends, combined with extremely low capacitance, made exquisite high-density quality of the cables. 

2, Single and double helix twisted stranding technology is used to reduce the inductance and ensure the extension of high frequency.

3, Dynamic Balance technology for full range sound. 

Traditional signal transmission cable always can’t perfectly match the requirements of sound equipment because only the timbre or a certain frequency band strengthen or weaken in a single direction has been considered during the design.

The dynamic balance technology aims to solve the time phase problem of the boundary contour of imagining sound when playing 3D soundstage. The more consistent the time is, the stronger the stereoscopic sense of the imagining sound is, and the stronger the stage sense is. The more accurate the phase of the marginal contour is, the darker the contrast of the imagining sound and the richer the expression will be.

It’ll balance the sound energy distribution as well, be helpful to gain powerful dynamic and low-frequency details.

The principle of dynamic balance technology is to adjust the sound generation time of high, medium and low frequencies, which can be closely coupled to each instrument or vocal point, so that all instruments or performance details on the soundstage can be maximized.

4. Patented solder-free connector joint, pure gold and silver electroplated metal surface, ensuring the most stable transmission of signal.

5. Made of 6N single crystal copper with silver contained.

6. Each type of cable is of different weight, it has been properly adjusted according to the vibration coefficient to meet the requirements of sound clarity and frequency band balance.

7. Appropriate conducting parallel capacitance (minimum of 56pf) for different type cables was selected to achieve high frequency fidelity playback.

8. Hand-made vibration absorbing leather sleeve with Italian cow leather, natural bionic vibration guiding material which could providing high-quality damping coefficient for the cable.

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