Analog Audio Cable

Analog Audio Cable

Josef Sperl, the co-founder of HANOWA brand, has made many outstanding achievements in music performance and the design and manufacture of musical instruments and loudspeakers. Hanowa products are the favorite of many well-known bands for large-scale live performances.

Since established, Hanowa involved in many kinds of musical instruments and audio equipment brands with different partners in different periods according to the market demand, products are sold all over the world.

The first generation of HANOWA Cable was limited launched in 2016, and then officially promoted in 2021.  

The mysterious theory of audio cable has existed in the industry for many years. The impact of a short cable on the transmission of sound quality is significant.

The meticulous spirit of the Germanic nation can be seen in product development.

In many years of sound development history, cable is a sharp, deep and mysterious topic. What we all know may be materials, connector, soldering, isolation and shock absorption etc. factors only.

According to what found by the technical team of HANOWA, the composition of a wire and a pair of twisted wires is an equivalent circuit. In a circuit, whenever there is a parameter change, there will be one or more relative changes. For example, the change of capacitive reactance and inductive reactance will produce the change of pure impedance, and then produce a variety of different parameters. 

The research and development of HANOWA cable aims to overcome the bottleneck that traditional two channel system is difficult to perform well in the stage. The frequency bandwidth resistance and capacitance are the basis of making high-grade cable. In terms of material selection, wire diameter is a major consideration. The selection of high purity, large wire diameter, less crystallization, low resistance and 5N single crystal copper with silver contained is of great help in achieving the perfect value of resistance and capacitance.

The lower the capacitance between the two wires, the cleaner the sound performance. HANOWA adopts high density polyethylene and Teflon to make isolation sheath, which can effectively reduce the capacitance to about 90PF per meter.

Further experiments show that the isolation of external electromagnetic interference and no interference with the surrounding wire can significantly improve the overall sound transmission quality. HANOWA uses super Class 6 data cable to resist internal / external interference, including static, electromagnetic, RF, vibration and so on. Each wire has multi-layer shielding layer to adjust the overall performance.

HANOWA high end customized cable products are composed of three categories: Power Cable, Balanced / Unbalanced signal Cable and Audio Cable. The first launch will be a super high-end Signature Series. The connectors, cable sleeves and other key parts of the series are all from VIABLUE Germany.

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