Gemini design carries extremely low tone dyeing monomer selection, composed of eight 8 inch

beryllium alloy bass, six aluminum ribbon midrange,two AMT tweeters.

The wooden box made of high-density plates with a thickness of up to 5cm and combined into irregular rhombus appearance.

With physical characteristics, each sound body covers high, middle and low frequency. Only the

power distribution causes the differences in sound and color. The Gemini series can quickly restore the sound wave, and the full range performance of each sound body, won’t make any sound differences by the different position of the speaker Box. Could restore the combination of musical instruments, the power distribution of human voice and the focus of music which is three times better than the traditional speakers to regain stage proportions.

In the aluminum ribbon, a thin aluminum ribbon used as a vibrating film and a voice coil (the aluminum band is both a conductor and a vibrator) placed in the Magnetic gap. When the current passes, it drives the aluminum ribbon to vibrate and radiate the sound. Aluminum ribbon loudspeaker has the advantages of good transient characteristics, fast response speed, high-frequency upper limit width (up to 100 kHz-12 dB), small distortion, abundant overtone and so on.

The most prominent advantage of the aluminum ribbon loudspeaker is have further play and accurate control for medium and high frequency extension and analytical force. Beryllium bass uses a thickness of 0.2mm, aluminum-based beryllium alloy. Beryllium aluminum alloy advantages lightweight, high strength, high stiffness, good thermal stability, high toughness, corrosion resistance, improving the structure of alloy, refining grain, increasing strength, combining the low density of beryllium with the processing property of aluminum and so on, have been widely used on industries like navigation, space, the computer manufacturing, the automobile, the high precision and high speed welding machine manufacturing, it is one of the most important new materials used nowadays.

The reflector device is composed of a patented waveguide structure, which can improve a combination of the high and low frequency with the reflex hole to avoid unequal sound transmission, which is the normal disadvantage on the traditional sound box, which will cause nonreducible performance spot recording.
There are several types of reflex holes in traditional speakers, like the front guiding, backward guiding,downward guiding, etc..The traditional type of reflex hole is to reach lower frequency by the more the sound wave from the guiding hole when increasing the speaker vibrates.

The function is relatively simple, it can only increase the lower frequency, but also brings more shortcomings.  It’s hard for the engineers to average the sound wave processing derived from  the reflex hole. There is too much bass, quite turbid low frequency, causing the speaker box not to replay the spatial sense of the original sound and stereo performance. The sound wave derived from the guide hole, based on the location of the speaker box, to increases the vertical height, the transverse width, and the sound depth position of the backside of the speaker box. This improvement makes all the sound points spread evenly and combined to reach the deepest, the widest, and the proper height performance while improving the hearing sensation.

Because of the average sound disperse, the sound won’t be disturbed by the sound wave from the guiding hole, then free from unobvious, too cloudy or too thin.The deepest sounding drum in the symphony orchestra can send out sound waves with clear and powerful points. The triangular iron is crisp and has metal thickness. It can highlight the advantage of the energy sense. The waveguide of the patent technology is improving the disadvantage of the traditional speaker box.

As the unit arrangement, it’s always muddy bass at the bottom,thin and stuffy middle frequency in the middle, and non-powerful the tweeter on the top of the traditional speaker box

Product parameters

UNO XD Produktübersicht


  • Type: 8" three-way 16 unit, side-inverted cabinet
  • Frequency Rating: 35-35kHz (±10dB)
  • Frequency Response: 38-35KHz (±3dB)
  • Proposed driving power: 180W-800W
  • Maximum SPL output: 122 dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1M): 92dB
  • Nominal Impedance:
  • Crossover: 400 Hz, 4000 Hz
  • Woofer: 8"*8/¢35 core EISV line 4 layer long stroke voice coil, oak edge bowl, cast aluminum frame
  • Midrange: Aluminum belt midrange*6
  • Tweeter: Haier-style treble * 2
  • Dimensions (W*D*H): 685*510*2075mm
  • Packing size (W*D*H): 2145*745*740 MM
  • Net Weight: 165 Kg/PCS
  • Gross Weight: 264.5 Kg/PCS
  • Pin Connctions: High fidelity crystal sheathed copper terminal
  • BOXSTRUCTURE: Surface-treated black piano paint with ;medium-density audio fiberboard
  • HANGING STRUCTURE: Placed on the plane

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