Professional monitoring series-MP Series

Professional monitoring series-MP Series

Monitor series consists by MP312LR, MP315LR, MP3212LCR, MP3215LCR WOOLFER: MPS212, MPS215, MPS218 composed of main monitoring sound and lateral language monitoring module, in line with the big SPL listening test (MAX SPL: 128dB). With H2 Series Precision amplifier circuit and overload protection units, as well as for the active work of line-level crossover filters. Such active design to maximize the elimination of the difference between the elements, ensure a constant long-lasting good quality. Flexible room response control function, enabling the speaker to achieve precision in the actual acoustic environment vastly different, the same frequency response. Sound warm and tolerant, rich in detail, low frequency potential, energy rich, can produce a stunning sound field and surround sense. Suitable for medium and large studio and audiophile sound reproduction requirements of video enthusiasts •••

Professional monitoring series-MP Series

Monitor Speaker Construction:

MP312 uses a 1 "throat tweeter, a 5.5" midrange, a 12 "woofer.

MP315 uses a 1 "throat tweeter, a 5.5" midrange, a 15 "woofer.

Alt panels made of high density aerospace grade 60 cm aluminum square, after 12 times cutting grinding process and eliminate conduction and vibration control with directional waveguide horn; its aimed at language and music clarity and sound phase composition do physical  adjustment. The horn is designed to spread the sound further and to improve the output sound pressure. Therefore, the horn is very high sensitivity, which means that the unit only needs a smaller power output can be a lot of sound pressure, but also can reduce the distortion rate. However, they are not commonly used in the horn of our vertical horn or horizontal horn, but the use of an elliptical horn. This horn is characterized by a horizontal spread that can provide a wide range of sound field and an extended transmission distance.

MP3212/MP3215 is the same as the 312/315 in the middle of the high voice, but in the angle of the horn can choose the direction of the box, with the coupling of vertical and mold release. 3212 uses two 650-watt 12 " unit,3215 uses two 700-watt 15" woofer.

MPS212, MPS215, MPS218 subwoofer cabinet is made by MDF board, with internal ribs for strengthening the housing. In the selection of the woofer, diaphragm unit used by the paper, so the overall quality is very light, the vibration speed is very fast. And M folding design is beneficial to improve the unit stroke, two driving units work together, more low frequency, but also to ensure the unit durable.

Cabinet: Plate with 25-50 PCT board MDF board support a strong dynamic element,  compact internal structure of reinforcement bars to eliminate cabinet resonance.

Divider: Selection minimum distortion fever grade original material,

Manual scaffolding way to reduce interference between the impedance and the original devices .

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